Welcome Birmingham Area Roleplayers !!

Welcome to the DEMO campaign “A Day Late and a Shilling Short”.

This website is designed for you to be able to get some general information about Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and enable you to see what characters are available to play for the DEMO.

The first place to go is the Adventure Log tab. There you can read a short intro to the story and are introduced to the characters and what their respective Careers are.

The Characters tab will bring up a list of the actual characters. You can click on the character and look at all their current information, what their stats are, what equipment and actions they have, what their Career is and a short Bio that tells you a little about their personality and what motivations they have.

The Wiki tab is GREAT! There you will find information on some of the people you may come in contact with during the story, learn more about the Careers each character has, and learn more about the idiosyncrasies of each characters RACE.

At this point, if you would like to play one of these characters for the DEMO (don’t worry, no “acting” or funny voices are required :P ) simply look on the right hand side of the Home page and click the Want to Join? button under Lists. A window will pop up and just leave me a note on which character you would like. I will then assign that character to you. You can then change their name and Bio if you would like, but please don’t change their stats or their careers. First Come First Serve on the character selection!

If you have ANY troubles or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me directly at brett97531@outlook.com

Once you have “joined” you will be able to post in the forums, view the calendar, and create a journal of your characters heroic and brave feats if you so desire.

Additional maps and other images will be loaded soon.

Looking forward to seeing you there and hope you can join!!

Good gaming to ya !!!!

Brett Saginar aka. Flyndad

The following video is an overview of WFRP3e with a short interview with the main developer and some of the writers. Overall, an excellent description. (about 6min. total)


A Day Late and a Shilling Short

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