Rutger Abend

Brigitta's Partner and a dedicated sergent Roadwarden. Escorting a package from Marienburg.


Rutger is a dedicated and loyal Roadwarden of 4 1/2 years now. Recently promoted to the rank of sergent, he takes his new responsibilities very seriously.

He has been partnered with Brigitta and has been responsible for some of her training as they patrol the roads of the Reikland.

The partners have been assigned new duties of patrolling the roads heading east out of Altdorf and are set to begin as soon as Rutger completes his current assignment.

A somewhat idealistic man, he is always prepared to root out corruption and believes “one man can make a difference”.

Rutger has turned down many bribes which has earned him a fair share of enemies, but has gained a reputation among the common folk of being a fair and just enforcer of The Empire’s laws.

Having served under Bertrand Tageslight, Brigitta’s now deceased father, he met Brigitta when she was rather young and has secretly been in love with her ever since. Although he has not openly declared his love for Brigitta, he has dropped hints to her in so much as an intense stare, or a gentle touch. Apart from a warm smile, Brigitta has yet to respond.

Rutger Abend

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