A Day Late and a Shilling Short

A Day Late and a Shilli'n Short
DEMO Intro
Something is definitely wrong.

Vaerun, the High Elf Envoy, is expecting an important package that was supposed to arrive on the last coach.

Brigitta the Roadwarden’s partner, Rutger Abend, was escorting the package.

The coach, the package, and Rutger are all a day late.

Worried about what may have happened, Brigitta and Vaerun head off to investigate.

Kurgi Balginson, the Dwarf Troll Slayer, joins them, eager to pay back his honour debt to Birgitta or die trying, while Diedrich, the apprentice wizard, has been instructed by his master, Gavius Klugg, the controversial head of the Grey Order, to accompany the party as he used to be a dear friend to the late Bertrand Tageslight, Brigitta’s father.

Episode 1 - The Red Moon Inn
A Story Begins

“Be wary when you set out from the relative
safety of your snug home, outside the
pallisades and fences protecting your town.
What lies outside those walls is cruel and
unforgiving. The area between towns and cities is
little more than a seething mass of anarchy, violence,
bandits, and beastmen.
If you’re lucky, you’ll only run into one of them at
a time… If you’re not, the next Warden to fill your
boots will hear the same warning.”
– Oscar Heilmann, Roadwarden Captain
Excerpt from a lecture to newly appointed Warden

The Red Moon Inn
Awaiting the Parcel, and a Partner!

You have been staying at the Red Moon Inn in Ubersreik, by the river Teufel, for the past several days, and
are starting to grow restless.

Birgitta, the Roadwarden, has been awaiting the arrival
of her partner, Rutger Abend, on a coach inbound from
Marienberg. Once Rutger arrives, the two of them can
resume their patrols of the Empire’s roads, starting near
Altdorf and working eastward.

Vaerun, the High Elf Envoy, is eagerly anticipating a
package, expected to arrive on the same coach from
Marienburg. The coach is now a full day late, and
Vaerun is concerned.

At Vaerun’s request for aid, Birgitta has resolved to
help him seek the coach, so they can recover the package, and her partner, as part of her duties as a Roadwarden.

Vaerun and Kurgi the Dwarf Troll Slayer accompany
her, the former to discharge his duty to Ulthuan, the latter to discharge a personal debt to Birgitta’s father.

The apprentice wizard Scheffler unnerves those around
him, the thin man seemingly always enshrouded in
gloom and shadows, made even more pronounced by the
dark grey robes he wears. He is accompanying Birgitta
as a favour to his master, who used to travel regularly
with her father.


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