High Elves

High elf symbol

Taller and more slender than most men, high elves have pointed
ears and pale, delicate features framed by long golden or ebony hair.
They live for many centuries, and to stare into elven eyes is to gaze
into deep wells of arcane lore. They bear themselves with noble
dignity, wearing silk robes, or, in times of war, shining scale-mail
and tall helms, decorated with gold and jewels.

High elves dedicate their long lives to perfecting a chosen art. Some pursue the skills of war, some become exceptional craftsmen, and others seek out ancient lore, reaching an understanding of magic far beyond human comprehension. They value learning, and consider themselves the most civilised of all races. Subtle in speech and manner, they can convey intricate depths of meaning with the slightest gesture.

Their homeland is Ulthuan, ruled by the Phoenix King Finubar and the beautiful Everqueen. It is a verdant, magical isle of whitetowered cities, lying across the Great Ocean far to the west of the Old World. The venerated elf deities protect Ulthuan: Asuryan the creator, Vaul the craftsman, Isha, lady of fertility, and violent Khaine. High elf citizens proudly join the ranks of Ulthuan’s armies from an early age, taking their responsibilities and duties seriously.

The High Elves are not a numerous race, and their island is beset by a cruel enemy – their treacherous kin, the dark elves.

High Elves

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