The following links are EXCELLENT resources for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. They range in scope from the history of the Warhammer setting, to fan made character sheets, to podcasts, to fan made magazines that rival the publishers product.

There is a TON,… I mean a TON of information contained in these links and it could literally take you a year to go through it all, but please don’t be overwhelmed. NONE of it is needed to play a great game of WFRP3e. It is just there is you want to look a bit deeper at this amazing setting.

The Cutlass Site this site offers a very, very, good overall summary of how it all came to be in The Old World, as well as some great background on races etc,.. Great Site!

Gitzmans Gallery YES !!! It is the “Super, Huge, Detailed, Map of the Warhammer Old World” The BEST map ever created for ANY RPG game in the entire history of RPG games,…. this one is simply mind blowing!!

Fantasy Flight Games Forum This is the Official Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition forums from the publisher’s website. A great place for any and all WFRP3e discussion and rules questions…


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